3 Kinds of Toggle Latches and their Different Uses

Toggle latches and their different Uses

Choosing the best kind of toggle latch is essential to secure that your work productivity and efficiency are always in top shape. You can only ever dare bigly if you already know the importance of small details. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Choosing a latch can easily make or break your daily workflow. All toggle latches are not made equal so you would want one that perfectly suits your needs. To help you, we will enlist the three kinds of toggle latches and their different uses. After reading this article, you’d very much be equipped and on your way to choosing the best toggle latches for all your workflow needs.


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What are toggle latches?

Toggle latches are mechanical hardware pieces used to secure and fasted two separate surfaces, objects, or panels. It is a versatile hardware piece because its unique mechanism allows for easy securing and separation. People who use toggle latches get to easily access and secure items that they need. Toggle latches are also known as spring claw latches, over-centre fasteners, and draw latches.

Toggle latches are used in many industrial workspaces because they are user-friendly and fuss-friendly. It has a simple mechanism that every person can easily understand. There are primarily five kinds of toggle latch design and they are as follows:

  1. Safety release latches
  2. Locking latches
  3. Solid latches
  4. Spring and return spring latches
  5. Adjustable latches

Toggle latches are usually made of the following materials:

  1. Brass 
  2. Stainless Steel 
  3. Acetal 
  4. Die-Cast Toggle

The Three Kinds of Toggle Latches

There are primarily three kinds of toggle latches available in the market and they are as follows:

Lockable Toggle Latches

Locking toggle latches are primarily used for instances where it is essential to secure that objects won’t be opened accidentally. They are medium-to-heavy duty and can be available with or without a locking mechanism. It is best to use one if you need to ensure that the following won’t be accidentally or deliberately opened:

  1. cabinet
  2. hatch
  3. panel

A locking toggle latch can also ensure supreme security if you’re dealing with items and objects that can suffer from intentional tampering or exposure to heightened vibration.

Spring-Loaded Toggle Latches

Also known as a spring claw toggle latch, a spring-loaded toggle latch comes with a spring that serves as the core of its unique latching mechanism. Its spring allows it to have a smoother and flexible mechanism that allows for more positional tolerance if compared to latches that are non-sprung. Its spring also allows for easy opening and closing.

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Adjustable Toggle Latches

An adjustable toggle latch has a mechanism that allows for adjustable tension. Its main parts are as follows:

  1. threaded rod
  2. claw or hook
  3. fastening plate

The threaded rod that connects the hook and the fastening plate allows for easy control of preferred tension. As its tension can be adjusted, this kind of toggle latch is easier to manoeuvre.

Uses of Toggle Latches

The best way to classify toggle latches is through their resistance to force. Knowing toggle latches through this category will make it easier for you to choose the best toggle latches for your varied needs. In this manner, a toggle latch can be of the following kind:

  1. Calibrated for resistance to light forces
  2. Calibrated for resistance to medium forces
  3. Calibrated for resistance to heavy-duty forces

When checking out a toggle latch, your first question should always be: what is its UTS rating? UTS stands for “ultimate tensile strength.” When checking out toggle latches, always look for one with a UTS rating that is more or less double the force that your chosen latch will have to deal with. This is to ensure that its weight will match the intensity of the force that it has to deal with.

Be extra careful when it comes to a toggle latch catch or strike plate. You should ensure that it is of the same strength, material, and durability as the latch. Always double-check when you’re buying. If you want something that is supremely safe for daily use, check out the world’s safest over centre latches          

that are offered by Snap-Flat Latch.

Best Toggle Latches for Different Needs

Following the category given above, such latches can be used for the following:

Toggle Latches for Light Forces

You can use lightweight toggle latches for the following:

  1. boxes
  2. cabinets
  3. flaps


3 Kinds of Toggle Latches and their Different Uses
Applications of Toggle Latches


Lightweight toggle latches have the following attributes:

  • cost-effective
  • cannot handle heightened vibrations or force
  • they are usually smaller in size
  • comes in a discreet design
  • easy to open and close as no significant force is needed
  • usually used on non-hazardous instrument panels and case lids

Toggle Latches for Medium Forces

You can use mediumweight toggle latches for the following:

  1. toolboxes
  2. travel cases
  3. any item that can be subjected to heightened vibration

Mediumweight toggle latches have the following attributes:

  • often loaded with spring
  • can be easily manoeuvred

Toggle Latches for Heavy-duty Forces

You can use heavy-duty toggle latches for the following:

  1. machinery panels
  2. panels that conceal moving parts
  3. panels that conceal hazardous parts
  4. industrial panels
  5. heavy-duty cabinets

Heavy-duty toggle latches have the following attributes:

  • most expensive kind of toggle latches
  • has the strongest resistance to tampering or accidental opening
  • often lockable
  • can be customized for added security
  • can come with advanced features for handling heightened vibration
  • can come with advanced features for shock management
  • often made of steel

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