What is IC Engine?

Internal Combustion Engine, the short and most popular name is IC Engine. It is one of the types of engines, fuel burns, and creates pressure to a piston inside the cylinder. Fuel burns or combusts inside of the cylinder, that’s the reason it is knowns as Internal Combustion Engine. IC engine is the most important […]

What is Cement and How it is Manufactured?

We all are living on Earth. In this world, to live a better life we ​​need three most important things. These things are Food, Cloths, and Home. Among those three things, Home is the most important thing. But have you ever thought what is most important that helps to make our home, building, or any […]

What are Hydraulic Turbines?

Do you have to think that In your house electric power comes from where? How to produce the electric power? In our world electric power is generated by various conventional and renewable methods like thermal, solar, wind, hydel, biomass, geothermal, etc. Hydro electrical plants, generate around 17% power in the world. Now it is also […]

Gas Springs : Principle, Types, Applications

Gas Spring Hey, do you lift your car’s trunk door? It is so easy in opening and closing. Right? Did you think ever why is it too easy in operating? You have seen their two in a pair or sometimes single lifting devices. What is this? Let we will discuss all these questions. These lifting […]

Single Point Cutting Tool : Tool Angles , Nomenclature, Geometry, Signature and Material of Tool

What is Single Point Cutting Tool? Cutting tool in Mechanical Engineering is a tool used to cut or remove any other material by application of force. In our daily life, we use knives and scissors are also examples of cutting tools. Where Single Point Cutting Tool removes chip or cut the material from work-piece by […]

Petroleum: Source, Formation and Classification

Petroleum is a fossil fuel, formed from trees plants, bacteria and algae. Over million years, under the earth, due to high heat and pressure, that fossils converted into high carbon usable fuels. Petrol comes from where? …… Do you know? Have refueled your car? …… Ohhh No??? You must need to go or Petrol station, […]