7 Steel Storage Racks for Industrial Workspaces

Steel Storage Racks for Industrial Workspaces:

You are not making the most out of your industrial space if you’re not using steel storage racks. Steel storage racks are highly necessary to ensure that your workspace experiences optimum and efficient workflow. If you have yet to invest in steel storage racks and you don’t know where to begin, let this article be your guide. In this article, you will know about the 7 types of steel storage racks for industrial workspaces. Also, this article will inform you about the following:

  1. Industrial spaces
  2. Steel storage racks
  3. Usage of steel storage racks
  4. Kinds of steel storage racks
Steel Storage Racks in Warehouse
Steel Storage Racks in Warehouse

Do you work in an Industrial Space?

It is primarily important to determine if your workspace is industrial before you even begin to learn about steel storage racks. You work in an industrial space if your work area is dedicated to the following:

  1. Warehousing
  2. Production
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Fabrication
  5. Assembling
  6. Meetings

It is important to know that not all industrial spaces are dedicated to warehousing tasks. Hence, steel storage racks are not limited to warehousing functionalities.

What are Steel Storage Racks?

Steel storage racks are workspace items made of durable metal that is primarily used for keeping tools, goods, and products. Racks come in different materials and steel storage racks are the most durable and solid kind. Steel storage racks can carry items of different sizes and loads. They can come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. As they are highly customizable, steel storage racks are very easy to organize and manage. Big players in the industry prefer using steel storage racks in their workspaces because they are very easy to install and dismantle.

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How are Steel Storage Racks Used?

Steel storage racks can be used in the following industrial workspace tasks:

  1. Order picking – steel storage racks can perfectly store reserve or active inventory.
  2. Kitting – steel storage racks can give a dedicated space to commonly used items for easy kitting.
  3. Assembly – steel storage racks can safely store goods that are yet to be finished and completed.
  4. Staging – steel storage racks can keep items that are yet to be packaged, processed, or shipped.
  5. Production – steel storage racks can store tools and components that are to be used in the production line.
  6. Warehousing – steel storage racks can securely keep products that are slow-moving, medium-moving, and fast-moving.
Steel storage racks
Steel Storage Racks in Industry

7 Steel Storage Racks for Industrial Workspaces:

Now that you know what steel storage racks are and their many uses, it’s time to acquaint yourself with the different kinds of steel storage racks. Use this to allow yourself to choose the best kind of steel storage rack for your daily business needs.

  1. Portable Rack

A portable rack is self-contained. It is made up of rack units that come with decks, bases, and posts. They have a portable nature that allows users temporary expanded storage when needed.

  1. Mobile Rack

A mobile rack is an on-the-go kind of steel storage rack. It comes with a wheeled base that allows for easy movement from one location to another. It’s usually a single deep selective kind. Mobile racks can be movable all by themselves or through embedded tracks in a facility’s flooring.

Opting for a wheeled stand-alone mobile rack is best if you have a growing and expanding business. A mobile rack that moves through embedded flooring tracks is best if you’ve already fully structured your daily workflow. If you want more options for customization, you can buy steel storage racks at Bend-Tech Defence.

  1. Reel Rack

A steel storage reel rack stores cables or cords in reels. They are highly nifty because they can easily cradle cables and cords in an organized and efficient manner.

  1. Cantilever Rack

A cantilever steel storage rack is column-based. It comes with arms that allow for the smooth and hassle-free loading of large objects. Cantilever racks are highly used in industrial spaces with production, manufacturing, and kitting tasks because they allow for the smooth flow of goods in process.

  1. Drive-in Rack

A drive-in steel storage rack is used to store products, goods, and items that are used repetitively. They are ideal for industrial workspaces with limited floor area because they can seamlessly maximize cubic storage space. Its unique design allows vehicles to enter and load up on one side without obstructing production and kitting flow. A drive-in steel storage rack follows a strict last-in, first-out (LIFO) inventory protocol. With one conveniently placed in your industrial workspace, any vehicle can easily drive through your racks to easily unload, pick up, and store goods.

  1. Single deep Rack

This is the simplest kind of steel storage rack. It only comes in a one-unit deep design that can keep items side-by-side. Most industrial workspaces with no complicated production and assembly needs use this kind of steel storage rack. With a single deep rack, goods and items are easily accessible through the aisle. If you want one that can store more goods, you should opt for a double deep rack.

  1. Flow-through Rack

Flow-through racks also come with wheels or rollers. It has a nifty design that can allow products to easily flow from the back of the rack to its front. It has a first-in/first-out inventory protocol that works well in industrial spaces with production, manufacturing, assembly, and kitting tasks. A flow-through rack is best if you’re dealing with tasks that only require small-quantity picking. A flow-through rack is similar to pallet flow racks and push-back racks that also utilize wheels.

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