CAD Tutorials: Catia V5

Hello friends, welcome to your on In this post, you will find the video tutorial for CATIA V5. In every video, you will learn how to use different commands in CATIA for basic CAD modelling for free. We will upload more and more tutorial videos in this post and on our YouTube channel TheMachineDesign as well, where you can find tutorials for CATIA V5, Solid Edge ST10 and other mechanical engineering-related videos. For more free tutorial videos, you can comment on the channel’s comment box or text me in the comment box on this page.
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Introduction: What is CATIA? 

CATIA is a three-dimensional CAD application. This software is developed by Dassault Systems and is widely used in industrial and engineering design industries. It is a multi-platform software used for designing and manufacturing products. This software serves Aerospace, Automotive and many more mechanical industries. 

CATIA V5: Surfacing Tutorial – 1

CATIA V5: Surfacing Tutorial – 2

CATIA v5 sphere command in the generative shape design module. 

CATIA V5: Surfacing Tutorial – 3

CATIA v5 cylinder and offset command in the generative shape design module. 

How to design a Screwdriver in CATIA V5:

How to create a Helical Spring in CATIA V5:


How to use Extrude (Pad or Bose) command in CATIA V5:


How to create a Cylinder using Extrude command in CATIA V5:





CATIA V5 Tutorial – 1 for beginners in Hindi | CATIA V5 Pad, Hole and Stiffener Command Basics:



CATIA V5 Tutorial Flanged Bend in Part Modeling:

Click here to download the drawing.


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