What are Hydraulic Turbines?

Do you have to think that In your house electric power comes from where? How to produce the electric power? In our world electric power is generated by various conventional and renewable methods like thermal, solar, wind, hydel, biomass, geothermal, etc. Hydro electrical plants, generate around 17% power in the world. Now it is also a question, How hydro-electrical power plants generate power from hydro or water? The answer is Hydraulic turbines.

Let’s, we will discuss about what are hydraulic turbines, working principles, history, layout of hydraulic power plants, types of hydraulic turbines, and their advantages – disadvantages in this post.


What are Hydraulic turbines? 

Hydraulic turbines are rotary machines that convert the energy of fluid flow into mechanical energy. And this energy further converts into electrical energy by the rotating of shaft of dynamo.

The energy of the fluid flow is known as hydraulic energy, which converted into mechanical energy through hydraulic turbines. And an electric generator coupled with the turbine shaft, which converts the hydraulic energy into electrical energy. 

The electric power generated through hydraulic energy is called as Hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power is a controlled method for generating power by utilization of water. These hydraulic turbines mostly found in dams to generate electric power.

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